David Glaser - Cars and Lovers (2008) $15.00

David Glaser - Reunion (2003) $15.00

David Glaser - Father's Day (2002) $15.00

VanDyke & Glaser Band - Live at Middleton's (1990) $15.00

VanDyke & Glaser Band - Rain Dance (1991) $15.00

Guitars From Mars - Live on Planet Earth (2 CD Set) (1995) $20.00

"Cars and Lovers" and "Reunion" are both available at CD and at the iTunes Music Store.

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CD Titles available direct from me:

DAVID GLASER - CARS AND LOVERS - $15.00 - My brand new concept collection, with stories of romance and the road. Guest appearances by members of the Push Stars, and Karen Mal. Jonathan Byrd says "Picture in My Car is pure pop genius". David Morreale says, "David's songs are like the gentle tap of a velvet hammer on the bell of your heart".

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1. Walk This Road

2. Lie To Myself

3. Cars and Lovers

4. Picture in My Car

5. Virginia

6. One Foot Out the Door

7. Every Time I See You

8. House in Baltimore

9. Hole in the Night

10. Where the Road Ends

DAVID GLASER - REUNION - $15.00 - David's 2003 pop/rock/cosmic experiment. Features guest appearances by members of the Churchills and the Push Stars, including a duet with Chris Trapper.

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1. Clover - A FULL LENGTH MP3

2. Go Home

3. Knowledge Is Protection

4. Reunion - A FULL LENGTH MP3

5. The Well - A FULL LENGTH MP3

6. Garden

7. Patience & Time

8. In My Head

9. Elvis Presley Boulevard (duet with Chris Trapper)

10. Be Myself - A FULL LENGTH MP3

11. Spaghetti

12. Filling A Box

13. History

14. Foxy and Me

15. Reunion (Reprise)


DAVID GLASER with Robin Jung - FATHER'S DAY - $15.00 - recorded live on my deck with Robin Jung on the violin, on Father's Day 2002. Acoustic versions of some of the stuff from REUNION, it also has some cover favorites, including several Chris Trapper songs, and a Neil Finn song.

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1. Reunion

2. Filling A Box

3. The Well

4. Starlight

5. Elvis Presley Boulevard

6. Patience & Time

7. Spaghetti

8. Foxy and Me

9. Ocean View

10. Whispers and Moans

11. Clover

VAN DYKE & GLASER - LIVE AT MIDDLETON'S - $15.00 - 13 original songs by John VanDyke and David Glaser, 9 of which were recorded live at Middleton Tavern in 1990. This CD captures the energy and talent of the VD&G Band in a familiar cabaret setting. Includes 4 "Bonus Tracks" recorded live in a studio.

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1. Caribbean Coma

2. Carry Me Away

3. Sweet New England

4. Athletic Lady

5. Virginia

6. Streets of the Summertime

7. One Man On the Wheel

8. All I Ever Wanted

9. Feel the Fire

10. Love You Anyway

11. Sail Away

12. Crazy

13. Bring You Back To Me

VAN DYKE & GLASER BAND - RAIN DANCE - $15.00 - This powerful collection was recorded live at the Annapolis Wine Festival in 1991 and features a mix of original and cover tunes. Guest appearance by Lowen and Navarro, and their band.

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1. Boy in the Bubble

2. Love You Anyway*

3. Ob La Di Ob La Da

4. Big Highway*

5. Sweet Home Chicago

6. Brown Eyed Girl

7. In Your Eyes


8. What's the Matter With You?*

9. Yellow Moon

10. Looking at the Rain*

11. Weather With You

12. Willin'

13. Skin it Back

14. All That You Dream

 *by John Van Dyke & David Glaesr

GUITARS FROM MARS - LIVE ON PLANET EARTH, A 2 CD SET - $20.00 - Recorded live at Armadillo's in Annapolis on a cold winter weeknight in 1995, this is the only recording of this amazing quartet featuring Anthony Setola, Greg Phillips and Russell Stone. Everything from power rock to showtunes! All covers except "At The Pool" by Russell Stone. A fantasic document of the mayhem we created onstage.

Disc One:

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1. Cause We've Ended as Lovers

2. Watching the Detectives

3. Being Simple

4. How Could You Want Him

5. Can't Get Next To You

6. Your Cash Ain't Nuthin' But Trash

7. Biscuit Head

8. Tonight (Full Length MP3)

9. 8 Days A Week

10. You Know What I Mean

11. Kansas City Milkman

12. Boogie on Reggae Woman

13. What Time Is It?

Disc Two:

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1. Man Out Of Time

2. Allison

3. Red Shoes

4. Finest Worksong

5. Can't Always Get What You Want

6. Old Love

7. Running Down A Dream

8. At The Pool (written by Russell Stone)

9. Something's Always Wrong

10. Train in Vain

11. Dancing Days

12. Led Boots

13. Hey Joe

14. When the Levee Breaks