DAVID GLASER - REUNION - Liner Notes & Lyrics

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Track List (Click on title to view lyrics)

1. Clover

2. Go Home

3. Knowledge Is Protection

4. Reunion

5. Garden

6. The Well

7. Patience & Time

8. History

9. Be Myself

10. In My Head (in Memory of Craig Carr)

11. Elvis Presley Boulevard

12. Filling A Box

13. Spaghetti

14. Foxy & Me

15. Reunion (Reprise)


CD Credits

Recorded and mixed by Ronni Santmyer at Big Bang Audio, Baltimore, MD, during the summer and fall of 2002, except ďCloverĒ which was mixed by David Barber.

Additional recording and mixing was done at the following studios:

Anger Management Studio, Annapolis, MD

Frankensound, East Brunswick, NJ

Q Division, Somerville, MA

Full Kilt Studio, Hollywood, CA.

Additional engineering was done by Dan McLoughlin (at Q Division and Full Kilt), Todd Kreuzburg (at Anger Management Studio), Alex Smolinski & Bart Schoudel (at Frankensound), Mauro Rubbi (at Full Kilt), Rafi Sofer (at Q Division), and Steve Alexander (at Digital Bay).

Project demos recorded at Digital Bay Studio, Riva, MD, and at Anger Management Studio.

Mastering by Bill Plummer for Tinder Arts.

Produced by David Glaser

Production support by Ronni Santmyer and Dan McLoughlin.

Full band tracks arranged by David Glaser with Anthony Setola and Brad Kimes.

Acoustic tracks arranged by David Glaser with Todd Kreuzburg.

Photography by Larry Melton.

Photo Editing by Angie Miller.

Graphic Design by (enter names here for Disc Makers Staff), and Zach Ditmars.

Management by David Glaser Entertainment. For booking information see www.davidglaser.net.

A Big Fuzzy Thank You:

Thanks to all of my family, friends, and fans in Annapolis and elsewhere who have supported me so well for so long! To Sabrina and Greta Glaeser - my rock and my anchor. To Roger and Rosana Jones and everyone in San Miguel de Allende, Max Koekkoek and his family, and to my musical partner John VanDyke and his family. To Chris Trapper and Ron Haney for authoring a magical summer, and inspiring me to write again. To Dan McLoughlin for your awesome keyboards, your encyclopedic knowledge, and for making the time to help me out. To Anthony Setola and Brad Kimes for putting in so many hours in rehearsal, and for giving the CD itís ďliveĒ feel. To all the rest of the brilliant musicians who made the time to come and play on this CD - you made this project a lot of fun (see song credits)! To Ronni Santmyer for everything, a list too long to put here - you are amazing. To David Barber for the sweet guitar tone, and for mixing ďCloverĒ. To Todd Kruezberg for your great talent and treasured guidance. To Gary Infante for always being there for me. To Steve Alexander for tirelessly promoting local music in Annapolis. To all the bar & restaurant managers who have hired me to play so consistently - you are the financiers of this project. To the wonderful musicians and friends who by example convinced me to quit being cynical about the music business and just relax and enjoy it: Chris, Dan, Ryan, Scott, Tom, and Greg of the Pushstars (including the entire extended Pushstars family - you KNOW who you are!), Ron, Kim, Bart, and Alex of the Churchills (and Joe the session chef), Elisa Infante, Robin Jung, Linda Nelson, Angie MIller, Meg Murray, Brian Goddard, Mickey Eckman, Larry Melton, Bryan & Jessica Ewald, Greg Phillips, Russell Stone, Neil Bumgardner, Rich King, and all of the musicians in the Annapolis music scene, because youíre all such wonderful friends, and Iím so blessed to be a part of this family. To Peanut, Cpher, Emily, and Mrs T for out of town and cyber support. To Mary, Charlie, Lisa and Geordie, great friends old and new. And most of all to my muses: Sabrina, Greta, Mom, John, Doug, Matt, Catharine, and so many others - thanks to all of you for touching my life and inspiring these songs. I know I probably forgot to thank someone who helped me along the way - anyone who knows me will tell you, ďhis brain is like a sieveĒ. But I just want you all to know that I have felt so blessed and so grateful through every stage of this project. And even though my name is on the cover, this CD is really the product of all of you helping me to be at my best. Thank you ALL so very much!

- David Glaser, January 2003

Clover (written by David Glaser)

today I opened my eyes for the first time in a long time

today I saw the sun shine for what feels like the first time

I was stuck all winter in the ice and snow

but summerís here at last

and I just want to let you know


come down, touch the ground, wintertime is over

lay down, on the ground, buttercups & clover...


today i stood in the rain, and did not run for cover

today Iím feeling no pain, and life has got a lover

I was prisoner of the waters of the flood

but stand up in the bathtub now

itís time to pull the plug

repeat chorus 2x

Stuck all winter in the ice and snow

but summerís here at last

so let the healing flowers grow

repeat chorus 2x

David: electric guitars, acoustic guitar, 12 string

guitar, baritone guitar solo, lead voice, backing

voices, claps

Anthony Setola: bass

Brad Kimes: drums

Dan McLoughlin: baritone guitar fills, piano

Linda Nelson: backing voice

Alex Markowski and David Pindell: claps

History (written by David Glaser)

you canít hide the way you feel

and I wonít try to make deal

youíve been gone - lost in space

and I canít wait - to get out of your face


you keep looking at me with those angry eyes

and you wonít bend to a compromise

you only want to see your own side (1st time)

in love with your pain and with your pride (2nd time) - itís no mystery - itís our history...

you canít hide - whatís in your eyes

i donít feel - at all surprised

you donít know - what iíve been through

and I - I canít wait - to get away from you

repeat chorus

do you remember when we first started out

together? how we thought our love would

never ever ever ever ever end

never - ever - it was forever

you canít hide whatís on your mind

and I know why youíre so unkind

say goodbye to all your pain

Ďcause I canít stay in a love in vain

repeat chorus 2X

David: electric guitars, questioning solo guitar, lead voice

Anthony Setola: bass

Brad Kimes: drums

Gary Gilpin: wurlitzer electric piano

Bryan Ewald: guitar fills and answering solo guitar

Go Home (written by David Glaser)

sometimes I feel - like iím lost at sea

waiting for someone to rescue me

on my own - since i was 17

even then i knew what you still canít see


I want to go home

but iím not quite sure where i belong

Ďcause iíve been lost for so long

I want to go home...

what you say - and what you do

thereís great distance between the 2

youíve been lying - for so long

you donít know anymore whatís right or wrong

repeat chorus

I was never your favorite son

it was just a job that had to be done

and you and i will never be one

until the damage has been undone

repeat chorus

David: guitars, all voices

Anthony Setola: bass

Brad Kimes: drums

Be Myself (written by David Glaser)

you donít even know me - still you put me down

as if you sit in judgement - as if you run this town

youíve got your opinion of what you think is cool

and you have got your special way of acting like a fool

pre chorus

you may not agree with everything i have to say

but itís my life and i have got to live it my own way


iíve got to be myself - and nobody else

yíknow i couldnít be you if i wanted to so iíll be myself...

the voices of the angels do not compare with you

but when i hear the songs you sing the words do not ring true

i could see the beauty in the things you have to say

if you could stop your suffering and get out of your own way

repeat pre chorus

repeat chorus, 2X

I dont care what you say Iím gonna do it my own way

I donít care what you do, itís not your place to choose for me

repeat pre chorus

repeat chorus, 3X

David: electric guitars, lead voice, backing voices, tambourine

Anthony Setola: bass

Brad Kimes: drums

Dan McLoughlin: farfisa organ

Ron Haney - guitar solo

Ron Haney and Bart Schoudel: backing voices


Knowledge Is Protection (written by David Glaser)

you are the one - my only one

I care for you - say a prayer for you

close your eyes - and hear my song

open your mind - let me in this time

you are in control - you can blossom into anything

there is something you should know to help you on your way


every question has an answer

every answer leads to many new questions

donít do your problem solving backwards

I hope that you will see - knowledge is protection..

oh my love - youíll rise above

You will go far and become what you are

Feel only love - and give only love

Just follow your heart right from the start

You are on your way

this road can lead you anywhere

you will be OK - as long as youíre aware

repeat chorus

recreating every day - the love in you is growing

lose your fear along the way - you wonít need it where youíre going

repeat chorus

David: acoustic guitar, mariachi guitar, shaker,

steel string acoustic guitar solo, lead voice, backing voices

Anthony Setola: bass

Quint Lange: junjun

Todd Kruezburg: flamenco guitar fills & solo, shaker

Robin Jung: backing voices

In My Head (written by Craig Carr)

- Dedicated to the memory of Craig Carr -

tried to save the river from drowning so I jumped on in

suddenly it occurred to me that I could not swim

tried to save the night from sleeping in my bed

suddenly it occurred to me - it was in my head


lying in my head crying in my head

dying in my head iving in my head...

Tried to save the sky from crying Ďcause it was so blue

suddenly it occurred to me that the world was too

tried to save the bully from bleeding but my hands turned red

suddenly it occurred to me it was in my head

repeat chorus

tried to save the river from drowning so I jumped on in

Suddenly it occurred to me That I could not swim

Tried to save the sun from sinking, but it felt like lead

Suddenly it occurred to me it was in my head

repeat chorus

David: electric guitars, slide solo at end, all voices

Anthony Setola: bass

Brad Kimes: drums

Gary Gilpin: organ

Russell Stone: guitar fills and solo


Reunion (written by David Glaser)

old man winter lingers in New England

on easter sunday a chill is in the air

Iím driving past an exit on the turnpike

remebering a friend who once lived there

oh the times that we had

and the things we did together

when you still knew my name

people come and go - itís been that way forever

and that will never change - never change


but the story isnít over when the song ends

it keeps going through the mirror maze of time

and you may try to see past where the road bends

but insurance is impossible to buy...

I took the ferry out to Marthaís Vineyard

where you can taste the sea salt in the air

looking for a long forgotten driveway

just because I used to find you there

you would call me up - then I would come over

and you knew my number by heart

but if you saw me now

you wouldnít even know me

And thatís the hardest part - the hardest part

repeat chorus

I wonder where you are

I wonder what youíre doing

and if time has made you wise

and I know when the day comes

the day of our reunion

I will know your eyes - your eyes

repeat chorus

David: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, solo guitars, accordion, lead voice

Anthony Setola: bass

Brad Kimes: drums

Dan McLoughlin: piano, keyboard strings

Chris Trapper: mandolin

Elvis Presley Boulevard (written by Chris Trapper)

the movie theaterís closing down in memphis

while a blues bandís burning up the stage across town

the street lamps hang like saviours from their crosses

while the losers throw their scratch tickets on the ground


and as the moon shined down on elvis presley boulevard

*and the tourists trapped with cameras in their hands

who wouldíve never realized that such a short drive could seem so far

when youíre a sucker searching for the promised land...


the casino manager lost the farm in vegas

cocaine charges sent from the D.A.

he blamed it on the lack of entertainment

he said he never thought heíd lose his shirt that way

repeat chorus

well you can bet your life the most dangerous drugs are legal

some doctorsíll feed you death straight from their hands

so even if youíre loved by 50 million people

itís not one of them gonna be there where you land

last chorus

I seen a white limousine on elvis presley boulevard

repeat chorus from*

David: electric guitars, acoustic guitar, mandolin, slide guitar solo, lead voice

Anthony Setola: bass

Brad Kimes: drums

Gary Gilpin: organ, piano solo

Chris Trapper: harmony voice


Garden (written by David Glaser)

there was a time I wanted everything and more

when the shiniest car and the finest house

were worth dying for

now I know a simple life is better

now I find I want you more than ever


all i need is time and a roof over my head and a little patch of garden

all i need is love, warm feeling in my bed and a way to beg your pardon

*for all the things i did or did not do

i never meant to hurt you - and iíll always be with you

in our little patch of garden...

there was a time i thought that

money was everything

but you canít put a price on love

or buy what makes you sing

now i know to let it go is better

now i know that i could leave you never

repeat chorus

hey - give it away

donít save it for a rainy day i say

give it away

it wonít save you anyway

repeat chorus until*, then:

you hear me now so iíll lift up my voice

and make a joyful noise

Ďcause i know iíve made the right choice:

a garden - a little patch of garden...

David: electric guitars, 12 string guitar, sampled chamberlin flutes, lead voice, backing voices

Anthony Setola: bass

Brad Kimes: drums

Dan McLoughlin: hammond B3 organ

Greta Glaeser, Ron Haney and Bart Schoudel: backing voices

Filling a Box (written by David Glaser & John VanDyke)

down by muddy river

her brown and shabby stands

a lighthouse and a refuge

for a weary travelling man

i smile when i see her holding out her hands

Ďcause i am her, and she is me

and she always understands


filling a box that will never be full

iíve put something in - everywhere iíve been

and i never regret anything that i get

filling a box...


Sitting at the table with a guitar on my knee

and nothing really matters now

except my old friend & me

i show her my collection

and we drink our glasses down

itís just enough to nourish me

Ďtil next iím homeward bound

repeat chorus

the summer moon is yellow as i walk to her steps

she smiles and gives me water

and i never will forget

the day we were parted some 20 years before

i was young and broken hearted,

but still i wanted more

repeat chorus

David: acoustic guitars, mandolin, lead voice

Larry Melton: upright bass

John VanDyke: fingerstyle acoustic guitar, backing voice

Robin Jung: violin, backing voice


The Well (written by David Glaser)


tierra es mi cuerpo, agua es mi sangre

aire es mi aliento, fuego es mi espiritu...

I went down to the well - to get myself some water

Ďcause i was oh so thirsty and i had waited for so long

i finally found my way after searching for a lifetime

they say what doesnít kill you only serves to make you strong

i lowered myself down and slipped beneath the surface of

the cool inviting water - to which i had been led

and oh the silence there - i never heard such quiet

loud enough to still the constant voices in my head - in my head


the earth she is my mother - the water is my blood

the air my breath and fire my spirit swirling in the flood

that flows out of the watershed and through the place i dwell

and comes together deep inside the well

repeat chant 2x

i went down to the well and drank the water deeply

and nourished all my sad and withered dreams of long ago

and all that i found there was what iíd brought in with me

i had but to remember things that i already know

the path down to the well is now time worn and familiar

i know the way just like i know the back of my own hand

this is where i go to listen to the quiet

this is where i make the things

that make me what i am - what i am

repeat chorus

earth - body - water - blood (tierra)

air - breath - and fire - grandfather (el agua)

earth - body - water - blood (el aire)

air - spirit - fire - grandfather (el fuego)

earth - body - water - blood (el aire)

air - breath - and fire - grandfather (el agua)

earth - body - water - blood (tierra)

air - spirit - fire - grandfather (la llave)

i went down to the well to get myself some water

repeat chant

David: acoustic guitar, lead voice, backing voices, chanting

Larry Melton: acoustic fretless bass guitar, electric fretless

Quint Lange: marching band bass drum, junjun

Elisa Infante, Jessica Ewald and Robin Jung:

backing voices and chanting

Spaghetti (written by David Glaser)

every time i make spaghetti - i think about nicole

a sailor and a robber - she never cared about the hearts she stole

i had put some in the water, but she said no, you have to stir

though itís 25 years later now, i still can hear her saying those words

after all our time together, and all that we went through

her advice about spaghetti - still sticks to me like glue

every time i see a harley, i think of catharine

an artist and photographer who took a lot of pictures of me

she said someday iím gonna own one, and she made her dream come true

on an Ď87 super glide with the gas tank painted powder blue

after all our converastions and all her photographs

itís her love of motorcycles that still can make me laugh


so be careful what you say - be careful what you do

most of all be careful what you say Ďcause i know from experience

words stay with you...

oh, itís a part of me now, like the hair on my head

oh, itís a part of me now, like the covers on my bed, yeah...

every time i wash the dishes sabrina comes to mind

sheís the mother of my daughter and i share with her the ties that bind

she reached into the drainer and took out a plate iíd cleaned

she said iíll have to do this over now yíknow itís not exactly pristeen

we have been together now for many many years

but she still explodes my feelings like a psychic bombardier

repeat chorus

David: electric guitars, acoustic guitar, solo guitar & fills, lead voice, backing voices

Anthony Setola: bass

Brad Kimes: drums

Gary Gilpin: wurlitzer electric piano


Patience & Time (written by David Glaser)

come on little brother - I know that you are feeling disappointed

and angry with your world

you were undiscovered while other guys were getting all the glory

and getting all the girls

victim of a circumstance around you

now you have a second chance to break through


but it takes patience and time, patience and time

once youíve made up your mind

all you need is patience and time,

patience and time, patience and time...

why must you suffer

often times your own worst critic

lashing out and killing with your words

may you see every color

your pallette is a rainbow and your canvas

is this black and white world

you have left your darkest day behind you

maybe now your masterpiece will find you

repeat chorus

David: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mariachi guitar, slide guitar, lead voice, backing voices

Anthony Setola: bass

Brad Kimes: drums

Dan McLoughlin: piano

Foxy & Me (written by David Glaser & Greta Glaeser)

I have a friend named Foxy - she lives in my imagination

spends all of her time playing with me

with never a thought fo responsibility

but isnít that how a very best friend should be?

riding my radio flyer we can go to never land

for an all day game of hide & seek

running and calling ďally ally oxen freeĒ

these are the places where you might find Foxy & me


my friend Foxy and I go flying high in the sky

just like dragon tales on TV

we can be anything we want to be

my friend Foxy and me, my friend Foxy and me...

she comes to my tea party, summer swimming and trampoline

sometimes we go turtle hunting by grandmother willow,

or over by the cottage swing

and now and then, Foxy and I will sing

repeat chorus

ally oxen free, ally ally oxen free

ally oxen free, ally ally oxen free

ally oxen free, ally ally oxen free

ally oxen free, ally ally oxen free

ready or not, here i come

I have a friend named Foxy...

David: acoustic guitar, string arrangement, lead voice

Greta Glaeser: backing voice

Robin Jung: lead violin, backing voice