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David Glaser PO Box 5628, Annapolis, MD 21403. Tel: 410-279-2765.

You can also email me (dwgtv@comcast.net). Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you may have.

Lessons and Workshops now available!

After a long hiatus I have decided to get back into teaching. I am enjoying my private students immensely, and wonder why I ever stopped - too busy I guess. I am teaching face to face in the DC/Baltimore/Annapolis area, and by web cam (on Skype) for folks in other parts of the country. If you are interested in learning from a crusty old pro, give me a shout.

I am also now offering a comprehensive Group Workshop on my approach to playing guitar and mandolin. This live 4 hour interactive session covers a lot of the stuff I do on stage and allows for face to face evaluation of your playing and your instrument, as well as hands on instruction from me, and lots of Q&A. View my WORKSHOP Page for more details.


Cars and Lovers has been remixed and remastered by the amazing team of Jonathan Byrd and Bob Klotz! The new CD is available NOW at shows and on my Music Page.

Cars and Lovers has been playing on radios and computers all across America since it's release in 2008. Thanks to Erik Balkey and Hudson Harding Music, my CD was heard on radio and internet stations worldwide.Thanks Erik for a super job!


By now you probably know about my endorsement of Bayard Guitars. I recently got an A-Style Mandolin from Bayard to compliment the Guitar and Octave Mandolin I already had, making me the 1st 3-Bayard Owner ever. I am so happy and proud of my amazingly talented friend. You can find out more about luthier Bayard Blain and his instruments HERE. Also be sure to check out his band 3 Penny Acre. Visit my local Bayard page (under construction) for pics and audio of me and my Bayard instruments. All I can say is WOW.


OK, if you are waiting for some NEW MUSIC from me, you won't have to wait much longer. My new CD is almost done! I've been working with Jonathan Byrd on the project, which is slated for release very soon. I am working on setting up private sponsorship for the new CD, and will be launching a Fan Funding Drive. If you are interested in sponsoring or if you have ideas on how to market a Funding Drive, please email me!


I'd like to thank my sponsor, Baltimore Area "Folk Angel" Paul Loyd for his help and support. Who is Paul? Well, He's Just This Guy...


As usual there are lots of upcoming shows in store. I still play frequently with Dan Navarro, and also with Stephanie Corby, and there will be some new additions this year - stay tuned! As always I'll be doing a bunch of solo shows, and plans are in the works for reunion shows with a couple of my old bar bands (Telluride, David Glaser Band, Guitars From Mars, etc). With all the live shows and a new CD in the works, I will be a busy man this year, for sure. I keep my SHOWS Page updated, so check in often to see what I'm up to.

Thanks for looking in on me, and please drop me a line if you want to say hello, or sign my Guest Book. peace.love.music - David Glaser

Other Notes of interest:

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