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Recorded live, direct to 2 track DAT in the fall of 1990. The band was: John VanDyke on vocal / acoustic guitar, David Glaser on vocal / acoustic & electric guitars, Jay Turner on bass, Greg Phillips on drums, and Larry Griffin on vocal (Feel the Fire) & percussion. The Annapolis Vocal Corps also sang on "Feel the Fire". All songs written by John VanDyke & David Glaser. Mixed live and recorded by Bill Plummer. Mastered by David Glaser (a different one!) for Airshow, Inc. Released on NEWSU Records. House sound by Jeff Byron.


1. Caribbean Coma

Left my home in the northlands, with my rock & roll band

I came to an isle in the caribbean sea

I had me a good time, for such a long time

but now the sun & the surf & the rum are telling on me


itís a Caribbean Coma, I guess Iíd better go home now

Iíve been here so long Iím losing all track of time

The sunning and funning, yíknow itís fine if youíre running

but Iím on the verge of losing my mind


I felt the wind blow, I sailed on the Lindo

I hauled up some sails and I told a few lies

We travelled the tradewinds, just like Sir Francis Drake did

watching over the sea and the breezes and tides

repeat chorus

We travelled the street scenes, and I rolled up my blue jeans

We drank down some fantails & huffed on some weed

But for all of the glory, itís not a pretty story

Because I still canít seem to get the one damn thing that I need

repeat chorus

2. Carry Me Away

Just give me direction, and I will follow

To a place in between the night and the day

Lust get me away from here, down to the hollows

Oh just carry me away


Between the Pacific and the Atlantic

Where the moon and the sun go on their vacations

North of the equator, and south of the border

Oh just carry me away

bridge 1

well Iíve seen a lot of years pass by this window

I was born here, and here Iíll stay

but there comes a time when a man must face the changes

he must fly away


Over the ocean, down to the Islands

to a paradise directly under the sun

Or maybe Los Angeles, where the music

Might just carry him away

bridge 2

With this morning, Iíve got a feeling

That Iíve never had before

Thereís something that keeps on telling me

That I shall change, forever more


Through every direction, that i could follow

Where lost is found, and night is sometimes day

Where thereís always warm weather, and lots of palm trees

and those crystal ocean waves

They just carry me away

3. Sweet New England

Like headless horsemen driving blindly through the night

Keeping time to the rhythm of the moon

The air was cold and we were frozen to the earth, leaving soon.


Lord and how the wind was blowing, the sky so starry starry bright

In sweet New England, take me home tonight


This land is old as any ocean, and maybe even older than the stars

The radio was singing 'bout America, and playing hard

repeat chorus

we stood and saw the moon was rising, as spring would come and winter soon be gone

The morning sun soon would shine through the window with the dawn

Final Chorus

we stood and saw the sun was rising,

and we saw everything as far as you could see,

In sweet New England, you've been good to me.

4. Athletic Lady

Won't you ride my bicycle, won't you drive my car

If ever there was a woman in my dreams, you most certainly are

Walk me down by the Bayside, baby, take me down realo slow

I will definitely go anywhere, you want me to go.


You're an athletic lady, and your loving drives me crazy...


Won't you throw my baseball baby, you won't need no glove

Don't lose your nerve and don't throw me a curve, just a fastball of love

I've been playing the field too too long, running around that track

you really give me a workout baby, and that's what keeps a man coming back

repeat chorus


Athletic Lady, I'll be your boy, just kick my heart through the goalposts of joy

you're so athletic, you make my bell ring

burn it in, burn it in, baby, make it sting...


Meet me in the weight room baby, put me on my back

it feels so fine when you pump my iron, 'bout to give me a heart attack

I work on my triceps baby, you work on your pecs

you're looking so lean in your tight little jeans

and honey you know that's what i've come to expect, 'cause..

repeat chorus

5. Virginia

6. Streets of the Summertime

7. One Man On the Wheel

8. All I Ever Wanted

9. Feel the Fire

Bonus Tracks:

10. Love You Anyway

11. Sail Away

12. Crazy

13. Bring You Back To Me