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"David Glaser spins his stories and songs out of whole cloth. Denim, mostly. ...you may find yourself humming "I keep your picture in my car" on Wednesday of next week. Sweetness...” – David Morreale, host, SNAFU Music Series.

“...truly captivating.” - Mary Bryan, Chesapeake Music Guide.

David Glaser is a relative newcomer to the acoustic songwriter scene, but he is not a neophyte. After seeing him perform at NERFA, The International Folk Alliance, Kerrville Folk Festival, and Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, some folks have asked, "Where has he been hiding, and why haven't I heard of him before?" After nearly 3 decades under the radar, playing in bar bands and touring as a side man, award-winning songwriter and consummate guitarist David Glaser burst onto the Acoustic/Folk scene in 2008 with "Cars and Lovers", a genre-bending CD that shows his range as a performer, and as a songwriter. Greeted with praise and rewarded with nationwide airplay, C&L charted on Folk Radio with the popular titles "Picture in My Car" and "House in Baltimore". A new CD, "Caffeine and Nicotine" is set for release in 2010. David's songs are lush, evocative, and full of imagery - like an album of snapshots from his rich journey. An evening with David is a rollercoaster ride of style, emotion and genre; you can expect everything from contemporary singer/songwriter fare to traditional offerings, and many shades in between. David's fluent guitar and mandolin skills have made him a sought after side man, studio musician, and guitar teacher. He performs regularly with Dan Navarro, Stephanie Corby, and Bob Sima, among others. David offers a comprehensive Guitar and Mandolin Workshop on many of his tour stops. Visit the Workshop Page for more info.

Praise from David’s contemporaries:

“He sings straight from the heart… I hate that!” – Dan Navarro

“House in Baltimore is masterful…” – Buddy Mondlock

“David opens the door into his heart, where honesty is everything.” – Jonathan Byrd

“David Glaser delivers melody-driven masterpieces” – Stephanie Corby

“Each note sounds like some lovely truth." – David Morreale

"...a kick-ass multi-instrumentalist" - Telisha Williams

David is based in the Mid Atlantic region and prefers touring in the following areas: Mid Atlantic (VA, MD, PA, DE), New England (NJ to Vermont), N Carolina, W Tennessee and N Arkansas, E & Central Texas, Upper Midwest (Chi to M/SP).


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I've put together a series of pages with pictures from the different stages of my career, spanning the past 30 years. The journey runs from back in the late 70's with pics of VanDyke & Glaser, Daylight and Telluride, all the way up to the present, and pics of people I'm playing with now. Enjoy the tour, and I hope to hear from you soon!

David Glaser, January 2003 (Photo by Larry Melton)

Studio shot, January 2003 - the front & back covers for "REUNION" were cropped from this shot. Photo by Larry Melton

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