David Glaser Performance Schedule - NERFA 2007

Note: I am co-hosting Camp Caffeine (room 814) with Karen Mal, so if youíre looking for me when Iím not scheduled to be playing somewhere, chances are Iíll be there, jamming with whoever is playing. Sets that I'm playing as a side man are listed as "supporting". For most of my solo sets, schedule permitting, Karen Mal will be playing with me. I am looking forward to seeing you! Feel free to email me with any questions. - David

Scheduled Showcases:

Friday Afternoon Session, Nov 9

3pm - Camp Caffeine, room 814 (round w/Twilight Hotel & Victoria Vox)

Friday Evening Session, Nov 9

12:30am - Acoustic Avenue, room 805 (round w/Karen Mal & Buddy Mondlock)

1:30am - Camp Caffeine, room 814 (round w/Jon Shain & Open Book)

Saturday Afternoon Session, Nov 10

2pm - Camp Caffeine, room 814 supporting Karen Mal (round w/Dave Potts & Bill Bourne)

4pm - Camp Caffeine, room 814 (round w/Karen Mal & Buddy Mondlock)

Saturday Evening Session, Nov 10

11:45pm - Thank You Showcase, room 809 (round)

12:30am - Camp Caffeine, room 814 supporting Karen Mal (round w/Bob Sima & Susan Kane)

1:15am - Thank You Showcase, room 809 (reprise round)

2:10am - Focus/Moore Music, room 818 supporting Stephanie Corby (20 minute set)