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Nowadays I focus on playing my own music, acoustic solo most of the time. I continue to rock out with an electric band once in a while, but those shows are few and far between. I've always loved folk and country music, and I've been enjoying writing and performing more in those genres. My 2008 CD "Cars & Lovers" is about half and half; rock mixed with folkier acoustic stuff. I like to call it "Cosmic American Music" (a phrase coined by the great Gram Parsons), because it incorporates elements of all the great American genres. My next CD, "Caffeine & Nicotine" is pretty much done and will be released soon. An acoustic guitar and voice "covers only" CD is also planned, along with several other projects currently in embryonic stages.

About 12 Voices: Being a performing songwriter I have come to realize how important it is to support, nurture, and mentor other artists - especially touring songwriters. Living as a touring songwriter (a better term might be "vagabond troubador") is so difficult physically, logistically and financially, that nobody would do it if they didn't love it more than anything else. I decided one of the best things I could do for this wonderful tribe was to start a music series in Annapolis. To that end I host 12 Voices every 3nd moday at 49 West Coffee and Wine Bar. I put on 12 shows a year (hence the name "12 Voices") featuring some of the best and brightest talents that I have met in my travels. I have hosted some truly magical shows featuring songwriters from all over America and Canada, and I've been a part of some of the best song circles I've experienced (we end each show with a song swap). We are now entering our 5th season and have a great lineup coming your way in 2012 and beyond. Please support 12 Voices by coming to our shows, and by spreading the word about this unique and entertaining series! Click here to follow 12 Voices on Facebook

About Kerrville and the Folk Alliance - want to know more? I'm talking about the mother of all jams, the Kerrville Folk Festival (Kerrville, TX). Held each year in the Texas Hill Country starting on Memorial Day weekend, it is an 18 day love fest of song, creativity, affirmation, and utopian togetherness. Great performers adorn the stages every night, and then the various campfires host some of the best song circles in America 'til dawn - unplugged and unpretentious. You really have to see it to believe it. If you're a songwriter or just someone who loves great songs and the people who write them, this festival is THE musical event of the year. Also check out the short version, the Kerrville Wine & Music Fest (affectionately called "Little Folk"), that happens every year on Labor Day weekend. The Folk Alliance is an advocacy group for songwriters of all stripes, not just folk or traditional. I am a proud member, and I attend at least 2 conferences every year to network with other Artists and Presenters. I'm talking about the International Folk Alliance Conference held each tear in Memphis, TN, and the North East Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) Conference held every year in NY State. I hope you'll visit these websites and find out more about these organizations and the people that belong to them.

If you want to know more about me, come and see one of my SHOWS. I'm still playing somewhat regularly in the Annapolis / DC / Baltimore area when I'm not out on tour or laying low. You'll find all of the recordings I have available on my MUSIC page. Thanks to all of you who have listened to me and supported me through the many years. I am so grateful to all of you. Come out and see me play again sometime soon - I'd love to see you. - David

Some folks I play with now & then:

Backstage with Stephanie Corby, Hugh McGowan, and Kate McDonnell


On Stage with Lowen and Navarro 

On stage with Dan Navarro

Onstage w/Karen Mal, Door County, WI. July 2007

 At home, New Year's Eve 2006


 Digger, December 2006

 Digger, with Doolittle in the background, December 2006

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