David Glaser

Guitar / Mandolin / Songwriting / Performance

Group Mentoring Workshop

Sessions available for 5 to 15 people

Developing songwriters and instrumentalists who watch me play are naturally curious and would like to ask me questions about any number of things, from "what kind of tuning was that?" to "where do your solo ideas come from?" to “what comes first, the words or the music?”. My workshop is intended to share some of the techniques I use with folks of all skill levels; either to get their musical journey kick-started, or to just get them interested in a few new ideas. I touch on all kinds of mysterious things like alternate tunings, capos, chord substitutions, song deconstruction, and basic music theory for songwriters. I also play Mandolin and Octave Mandolin, so I spend a little bit of time talking about them and their similarities and differences with the Guitar. Of course songwriting is always a bullet-point. Depending on performance examples, length of the Q&A, etc, my workshop usually runs about 3 hours. Due to the interactive nature of the sessions I prefer to keep class sizes small - between 5 to 10 people is ideal, maximum of 15. I can do two workshops in a day, time permitting. Please contact me to discuss pricing; every situation is different, so I try to be flexible. Usually the cost per person is around $75. Here is a short list of content you can expect:

  1. Shapes, relationships, and playing by the numbers in standard tuning.

  2. Performing and writing in DADGAD.

  3. Examples of several other alternate tunings.

  4. Discussion of assorted gadgets, including Standard Capos, "Cut" or Partial Capos, and use of Multiple Capos, and a little bit on the EBow. We can also touch on pick selection, string selection and different kinds of pickups and preamps.

  5. The Solo, and some of my different approaches and choices.

  6. Demo of the Mandolin and Octave Mandolin with guitarists in mind.

  7. Interactive Q&A with audience members including personal coaching and "hands on" opportunities for audience members. I critique audience members and their instruments, and offer suggestions for improvement.

  8. Songwriting! That one word says it all...

Contact: tel 410-279-2765 - email david@davidglaser.com

Thank you for your interest in my workshop! Please let me know if you have any questions.


I am available for private lessons in the DC/Baltimore/Annapolis area, or at a distance by SKYPE. I charge $60 per 1 hour session every other week. I book by the month paid in advance (typically 2 lessons, sometimes 3, depending on how the days fall). If you want a “one off” session that’s ok, just talk to me about it.

Here’s my current flyer/info sheet for private lessons/mentoring.